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Add These 10 Home Updates to Your 2016 To Do List How to become a DIY King or Queen in Twenty Sixteen! LINDSAY LISTANSKI If you and your home are ready to be your best selves for the New Year, these easy DIY home updates are just what you need. Hometalk bloggers have easy and amazing home updates that can help you get your best home this year. Add a few quick improvement goals to your 2016 resolutions, and finally enjoy having the home you’ve always wanted. Add an under sink organizer Image:T... read more
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4 Smart Home Predictions for 2016

Posted by Kelsey Fulton on January 02, 2016 in  Announcements  Home Decor  Selling Your Home
4 Smart Home Predictions for CES We peer into our crystal ball to assess what smart home tech will emerge from the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show Next week the largest technology trade show in North America takes place and we atColdwell Banker Real Estate couldn’t be more excited. Not only are we a title co-sponsor the inaugural Smart Home Marketplace at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but as lovers of all things tech and home it gives us the chance to see what gadgets will improve the place w... read more
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5 Major Decorating Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid HomeAdvisor warns against making the serious decorating faux pas. LINDSAY LISTANSKI When decorating your home, it’s imperative to be careful about what you add or subtract. While there are some good design ideas, there are also bad ones. Here are some of the decorating mistakes to avoid when you’re changing up a room or redesigning your home as a whole: #1 Don’t limit tile to kitchen or bathrooms. Tile is most commonly found in the kitchen and b... read more
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Winter is Here! Are you ready?

Posted by Kelsey Fulton on December 11, 2015 in  Buying a Home  Home Decor  Selling Your Home
Winter is Here: Are You Ready? The coming winter means preparing now for cold winds, snow and ice attacking the exterior of your home. SAM SHALOM Somehow, the end of 2015 is almost here.  And although the U.S., especially the northeast, has been experiencing higher than average temperatures recently, you still need to prepare for winter.  That means replacing the T-shirts hanging in your closet with clothes to take on the fall and winter months. But have you also done all you can pre... read more
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How Paint Can Transform a Home For Sale

Posted by Kelsey Fulton on December 09, 2015 in  Selling Your Home
How Paint Can Transform A Home For Sale Paint is an inexpensive and essential tool to transform almost any room in your home. DAVID MARINE The following is a guest post from Patti Stern of PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating. Not sure which update to tackle first when preparing to list your home for sale? When we walk into a client’s home, almost always the first suggestion we make is a fresh coat of paint in the most important living areas. Paint provides an instant “boost” ... read more
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